AgroSense Camera

The AgroSense Camera is capable of monitoring phenophases in plants. you can track where your stock is progressing. What is the state of the bud (eg critical temperature in frost protection), where is the flowering (eg for crop limitation), and how high is the vegetation (eg maize crest).

Easy to install
No need for a solar panel, just turn it on and install it. The camera is easy to recharge with the included adapter and works for up to 3 months on a single charge.

Precise observations
The trap captures the stock 1-3 times each day. You will never forget to do your job, even on Sundays and bad weather. Photographs can be used to easily identify phenological sequences and to generate videos of the entire period.

The AgroSense Camera suitable for monitoring phenophases:

  • Daily pictures
  • Possibility of recording a phenological phase
  • Measurement of plant height (in case of reference measurements)
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