AgroSense Cloud Logger

AgroSense Cloud Logger combines the benefits of AgroSense Base and Node. It can handle high power sensors (e.g. wind and rain gauge) and can be placed in close proximity to plants. We recommend it primarily for field crops, where after sowing the tools can be placed and they can stay outside until harvest. The devices run for 100 days on a single charge, and their batteries are easy to replace. It can be equipped with all sensors (air heat / humidity meter, soil moisture, irradiation, dendrometer, rain gauge, etc.) that may be needed to monitor the environment of field crops. The AgroSense Cloud logger communicates with AgroSense Cloud every hour over a mobile network, from where data can be accessed at any time, even from a mobile phone.

Easy to install
No electrical or IT network is required. The device is powered by a built-in battery. You can even assemble the station with the help of the installation video.

Online weather station
The collected data is sent to the server via a GPRS network, a secure data connection, where the data can be accessed through a web browser, and it is possible to set alerts. The collected information can also be accessed on a smartphone in a mobile-optimized way.
If necessary, immediate intervention is also possible, as the system sends an alarm via SMS or e-mail if the preset limits are exceeded.

The AgroSense Cloud Logger is suitable for measuring the environmental parameters of field crops:

  • Amount of precipitation
  • Wind direction and wind speed
  • Air temperature
  • Air relative humidity
  • Barometric pressure
  • Soil Temperature
  • Soil moisture
  • Plant / crop growth meter
  • Globar radiation
  • Photosynthetically active radiation
  • UVA radiation
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