AgroSense Node

Connected sensor data is transmitted to the AgroSense Base agricultural meteorological station via radio. It can be used to supplement AS Base meteorology measurements with microclimatic parameters accurately measured in the immediate vicinity of plants, the most important parameters for plant development. AgroSense Nodes are usually connected with sensors for soil or medium moisture, conductivity (EC), leaf moisture, air temperature, humidity. But it is also possible to connect NDVI, infrared or even water depth sensors.

It is tailored to your needs
It measures where and what it needs. The number and location of measuring points may be determined by differences in terrain, soil or irrigation circuits, or possibly by crop crops. Connectable sensors are accurate and reliable.

Flexible use
You can always upgrade your system with new tools. AgroSense Node can be easily uninstalled and migrated, for example to detect frost threats or when switching cultures. In addition to its own air heat/humidity and ground thermometer, it can be expanded with additional 4 sensors.

Minimum maintenance requirement
It comes with its own AA (pencil cell) power supply, which can be operated for up to 30 months without any maintenance.

Due to its weatherproof (UV and waterproof) design, it has a long life. The antenna rod is flexible and does not stick to the sprayer frame.

The AgroSense Node is suitable for measuring the parameters for more precise cultivation:

  • Soil moisture
  • Tensiometer (digital)
  • Soil Electrical Conductivity (EC)
  • Soil Temperature
  • Air temperature
  • Air relative humidity
  • Moisture leaf
  • Depth of water, EC
  • Plant temperature
  • Vegetation Index (NDVI)
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