AgroSense Scale - Slab Scale

The AgroSense Scale is a solution for irrigation that is widely used in soil-free, substrate cultivation. The sensor is connected to AgroSense Nodes.

It is adapted to the cultivation technology
The extremely low height (4cm) helps to measure the plants under the same conditions (heating, irrigation) as the whole crop. The tray is equipped with a drain outlet so that its volume can be measured. The feet are adjustable in height to create the slope required for drainage.

Rugged design
The scales are made of stainless steel and treated aluminum, so you can take accurate measurements for a long time.

Average measurements
While the sensors placed in the medium measure the water content very accurately at one point, the EC and the temperature of the medium are sensitive to the exact placement (without air gap). The scales measure the total weight of the quilt, so that even if one of the capillaries is not working, it will indicate the problem. The AgroSense team recommends a combination of the two.

The AgroSense Scale in the case of quilts for irrigation monitoring:

  • Weight measurement on whole quilt
  • Measurements every 10 minutes
  • Connects to AgroSense Node
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