AgroSense Trap - Pheromone Trap

AgroSense Trap is an automatic pheromone insect trap. It captures images of captured insects and uploads them to the AgroSense server. Using the AgroSense network or other source temperature data, heat sum calculations can be performed to determine the exact time of intervention

Easy to install
No solar panel is needed, just turn it on and install it. The trap can be easily charged with the included adapter and works for 3-6 months with one charge, depending on the configuration.

Precise observations
The trap photographs the caught insects three times a day. When taking photos, illuminates the sticker so that the photos are always of the same quality. He never forgets his thing, he records his daily catches on Sundays and in bad weather. 

AgroSense Pheromone Trap

The AgroSense Pheromone Trap is suitable for the control of insect pests:

  • Daily reading
  • Adhesive sheet saturation indicator
  • Indication of the period of validity of the pheromone
  • Larvae prediction with heat calculation
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