The website Sys-Control Informatics Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Data Controller").
The services of the Website are used voluntarily by the User, therefore the management of the data required for this purpose is based on voluntary data provision. The Controller shall treat the personal data provided as confidential and shall take all technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized access to the data processed.

Data manager details:

Name: Sys-Control Informatikai Kft.
Address: 11-16 Budapest, Fehérvári út 132-144
Phone: +36 (20) 490-6454

Data Processor Details:

Name: Sys-Control Informatikai Kft.
Address: 11-16 Budapest, Fehérvári út 132-144
Phone: +36 (20) 490-6454

Purpose of data management and stored data

Newsletter subscribers will be notified by email (email) of our offers, news, promotions and news, with your name and email address.
Registered users' data is processed for authentication purposes to access our website's additional services or access additional content, and to comply with customer contact, warranty and warranty policies.
In addition, any data requested is for statistical purposes only.

Information automatically logged by our servers

Our servers automatically log the IP address of our users, the type of operating system and browser they use, and some other information. We use this information only in aggregate and processed form, to correct any errors in our services, to improve their quality, and for statistical purposes.

About the use of cookies (also known as cookies)

Some of our services place a unique identifier, a so-called cookie, on our users' computers. A cookie is a variable content information packet sent by a web server and stored on a user's computer, which provides the ability to query some of its information. Cookies are used to facilitate user authentication (e.g., login, shopping cart, products viewed), and to help us better use unique offers and AdWords ads. For technological reasons, content subject to registration may only be viewed from a computer that receives a cookie. The validity of a cookie varies depending on the type of cookie. You can delete your own cookie at any time using your browser.

Our website also contains third-party cookies, such as cookies. Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook. Information on these can be found at the following links:

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Legal basis for data management

The Services of the Website are used voluntarily by the User. The information requested is based on the voluntary contribution of the data subject.

Access, correction, deletion rights

The User may at any time request information about the management of his / her personal data. Upon the User's request, the Data Controller shall provide information on the data processed, the purpose, legal basis, duration of the data processing, the data processor's name, address (headquarters) and its data processing activities, as well as who receives and received the data. The information shall be provided in writing as soon as possible after submitting the application, but not more than 30 days. The request must be sent to the Data Manager's support email address.
You may initiate deletion or rectification of your data at any time by using any of the functions provided for this purpose (eg, unregistering, unsubscribing to a newsletter, modifying your data), or by submitting your request to our customer service email address.
Any stored data (eg login data) not used by the customer that is not needed for customer contact, warranty or warranty administration will be deleted after a maximum of 3 years.

Rights and remedies of the data subject

Judicial enforcement

In case of violation of the User's right to the protection of personal data, the Data Controller may be sued.

Investigation of the Data Protection Commissioner

The Avtv. According to Article 27, anyone may turn to the Data Protection Commissioner if he / she considers that there is a legal threat or a direct risk to the processing of his / her personal data, unless a legal action is pending in the case. Notifying anyone to the Data Protection Commissioner will not put anyone at a disadvantage. The applicant shall enjoy the same protection as the applicant of public interest.
The application and the homepage of the EDPS, free of charge and without any formalities, are available at the following address:

External links or links

Our website may contain many links (links, links) that lead to the pages of other service providers. The Data Controller is not responsible for the data and information protection practices of these service providers.

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