Today's modern plantation, with propagation material, irrigation and support systems, and ice nets can cost up to 13 million HUF per hectare. Such an investment is certainly not easy to produce. Operating costs and risks must be minimized.


And there are plenty of costs; 1mm of irrigation water applied is over 1500 HUF per hectare and at that time we have not yet calculated the cost of the nutrients extracted. In today's difficult-to-predict climatic conditions, up to 80mm a year should be replaced, but does the right amount come out?

plant protection

The cost of spraying can be 20-30.000 HUF per hectare and occasionally. The risks are increasing year by year, the number of interventions can reach 20 per year. But do you need spraying? There and then?

frost protection

The risk of frost can vary widely across a given plantation at different points in the area and can only be safely monitored by distributed temperature and humidity measurements.
The figure below shows that the Base and its approx. At 80 meters and 2 meters deeper on the hillside, the Node, located at the lower flowers of the herd, measures the temperature around freezing sooner.


The AgroSense system measures and records environmental characteristics in 10-minute increments. Base meteorological data for the whole crop, wind, precipitation, irradiation (PAR and PYR), and in the immediate vicinity of plants, Nodes are used to measure soil moisture, conductivity, air temperature and humidity, leaf moisture and many more parameters.


Instead, data from soil moisture sensors in the root zone can be used to see if there is water in the soil that can be picked up by plants and how irrigation reaches deeper soil layers. It is unnecessary to bring water under the root zone because of the operating costs of the irrigation equipment and the washing of the nutrients from the layer where the plants can absorb them.

Monitoring of insect pests

Pheromone binoculars are primarily used to monitor harmful moths. Of the 8 average annual swarms of the apple moth, 2 do not need to be protected because of the lack of temperature conditions for the eggs to develop into larvae.


Plant protection predictions, such as apple cracking and firefighting, can be modeled on the basis of measured values. In this way, the control of pests and pathogens can be planned more precisely, unnecessary interventions can be eliminated, ie the number of sprays can be reduced 2-3 It can save HUF 60,000 per hectare per year, which is 900,000 HUF calculated on a 15ha plantation.
AgroSense is essential for effective integrated crop production!

The AgroSense system system services in plantations:

  • Soil moisture
  • Conductivity (EC)
  • Moisture leaf
  • Air heat and relative humidity
  • Globar radiation
  • Calculation of the amount of sunlight incident
  • heat Sums
  • Távcsapda
  • frost Alarm
  • Plant protection forecasts

AgroSense packages for plantations

AS-Baseair temperature, humidity, air pressure$ 380,000
AS-Base + Precipitationair temperature, humidity, air pressure, precipitation measurement416,000 Ft
AS-Base + Precipitation + Windair temperature, humidity, air pressure, precipitation measurement, wind speed, wind direction$ 468,000
AS-Base + Precipitation + Wind + Irradiationair temperature, humidity, air pressure, precipitation measurement, wind speed, wind direction, solar radiation$ 541,000
Node (frost protection)air temperature, humidity$ 98,000
Node (irrigation, plant protection)air temperature, humidity, soil moisture (2 depths), leaf moisture$ 206,000
Node (nutrient delivery by irrigation)air temperature, humidity, soil moisture (2 depths), soil temperature, EC, leaf moisture$ 247,000
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